I have some kind of knowledge in assemble a pc, but I still have some problems when it comes to connect the Front Panel Connectors and USB Connectors in the motherboard. I connected a USB connector from the case to motherboard and when I plugged a USB Device, it was burnt.

Can anyone help me to find the best way to understand how to make the Front Panel cables and USB cables to the motherboard for any PC's motherboards?


I believe you have connected the usb case connector to an IEEE 1394a (firewire) connector on the motherboard - that would explain why you burned the stick.

Always consult the motherboard manual about where to connect case wires, unless it is obvious where they should connect.

The IEEE 1394a connector looks like the internal usb connectors, but the pin-configuration and the voltage is different.

Here is a pdf-manual on an asus board, that shows the difference on page 49-50

Thanks a lot for your reply and it is helpful for me to start.

First of all read the mother board manual as say the Jakob
and then according to the instruction find out the proper
pin-configuration. Because improperly wiring a USB port can
result in permanent and fatal damage to the motherboard, the USB
port and ANY peripheral connected to the motherboard or it can generate
any other error.

It is imperative that the specific USB pin out assignment for your motherboard make and model is obtained from the maker before any attempt is made to connect the cable to the motherboard. Simply knowing which pin is #1 is not enough information to properly wire a USB port. Trial and error will surely result in the destruction of the USB host controller, the computer system and/or any attached peripheral. YOU MUST obtain the exact USB pin out assignment from either the motherboard manual and then connect to the motherboard.

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