I recently installed a new video card and memory in my M2N-SLI mobo, everything has been working fine for a couple days until this morning. I booted the comp up this morning but the keyboard, mouse, and sound are not working. Its weird cuz a few short hours b4 i went to bed everything was fine and nothing has changed from then till now.

The pc itself boots up with win7 ultimate fine, but the keyboard wont do anything, the mouse doesnt seem to boot at all, no lights, and the sound in the tab bar shows not working. So im thinking the inputs of the mobo got fried somehow? This also prevents me from doing anything from the OS, i have no input capability.

I was however able to use the keyboard in the BIOS menu? Not sure if that makes a diff or if its a possible driver error, but why would it be a driver error when nothing had changed and it was working fine b4?

Any help is appreciated, im trying to troubleshoot this myself so i dont sink to much money into a tech. Ive replaced my old GTX 9800 cards recently cuz they both burnt out on me2.

If you can use your keyboard in the BIOS then the mobo shouldn't be fried. What USB/PS2/Keyboard options do you have in your BIOS? For instance on my mobo I have to enable legacy USB support for the OS to recognize my keyboard.