i have a Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF Socket 754 Motherboard with a sempron 3000+ 64bit ,legend geforce 6600 and 512 mb ram which i have tested in my other computer.
350w psu.

The computer just resets and starts up again. It has recently started doing it more often. it will crash around 10 minutes after starting up. its never crashed while starting up and i dont need to open any games or apps befor it crashes it dosn't even give me a blue screen or anything the screen just goes black and starts booting again.

I started it up and opened all my apps that test CPU heat and graphics card heat it was about 30 deg for cpu and 35deg for graphics card, the heat didnt change when it crashed :evil: .

Please help me all the parts are less than 2 months old.

Have your ram tested. I had a similar problem and assumed it couldn,t be the ram or it wouldn't boot at all. After 2 weeks of pulling out my hair I got a new stick of ram and it's been fine.

i dont think its my ram it was my friends ram and he has had it for a year and ive had it in my other computer for a while to and it hasnt had any probelems. when i bought the computer with the prob i had a 1 gig stick and it had more probelems with that sometimes it wouldnt even get into the bios and it crashed while booting up to. scince i have had the new ram it only crashes in windows but thanks for the reply ill find a ram tester

could it be my graphics card. I have heard the geforce 6600 has had probelems with crashing in some games. the first few weeks i had the computer would only crash while playing a game.

It doesn't seem like a bad card to me but I could be wrong. If you can swap parts excluding board and processor do it. It could even be the psu. I once got a bad one on a brand new case. I assume theres no overclocking. Hope you find it before you get to the board.

I cant test the graphics card it is PCI-E and none of my other computers have that and the cpu is a different socket from any of my other comps. ill try the psu tho good idea

ive done no overclocking

The way it restarts itself it sounds like a psu or grounding problem maybe with your mb.
Look for similar threads with your problem, there are a few. I remember a thread where a similar problem was caused by a rogue screw stuck under the mb. I don't think a bad vidio card would cause the restarts. Could you have gotten a virus.

hey!! i hav the same problem.. i got this Intel D101ggc mobo with p4-3.0 GHZ HT, with geforce 7600GT-256MB, 2 ramn sticks of 256 each.

same random restarts here too. i hav checked everything. every part, hard disk, ram, heat everything. no problem at all :mad:

still trying to figure out wht the problem is. i hav another spare comp, and hard disks and ram is workin properly on that. someone told me to clean the RAM slot, i did that too, but no use.. will be goin to intel service station in a few days if i dont get a solution.

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