in the last post I told

hello my friends,
5 months ago my pc used to turn off automatically from 5-6 hours
Later my pc's LCD broke and I changed my LCD. Then my pc used to shut off 1-2 hours or some random lines and colours come on the screen. When searched for remedy for the shutting down problem, I came to know about overheating problem in my pc and I came to know that my heatsink was clogged up. But first I decided to clear the LCD problem, I Tried restoring the programs in my pc but unfortunately my shutted off during system repair. My windows got corrupted and I was not able to boot to windows. Then I tried installing ubuntu but it used shut off during installation, yesterday I used a vacumn cleaner to clean the heatsink and I successfully Installed ubuntu but still the pc shuts off without overheating and again LCD shows some lines and colours.

Specs of my laptop
Toshiba Satellite l300 (3 years old)
2 gb ram
250 gb hdd
Intel pentium dual core
Ubuntu 11.04 OS
Any solution?

But I have found one more thing, All of these happen when laptop is plugged in!. So is this a power supply problem or fried motherboard?

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was your's a laptop or a desktop?

edit: oh sorry your last post already point out that... It usually have something to do with your motherboard or incorrect BIOS setting. If you accidently configure BIOS by mistake, then this could happen...

I think I'm having a similar problem that I need help with. I tried to start a thread but can't, so here's my issue....
Here is the information about my laptop:

Manufacturer: Gateway
Model: NV73
Processor: AMD Anthlon(tm) Dual-Core M320 2.10 GHz
RAM: 3 GB (2.75 usable)
System type: 64-bit Operating System
Windows: Windows 7 Home Premium

The problem:

When I turn on my computer with the power cord plugged into the computer, it will come on for a brief moment, long enough to start booting up, and then suddenly cut off. I wait a minute and try to start it again. Same thing, on and then off. I can do this all day, but I finally figured out that if I then wait a minute, unplug the cord from the laptop and turn it on again, it will start properly. However, at that time I will receive the message to run the start up scan to check for errors. Sometimes I run it, sometimes I don't. Either way, it never solves the problem. When I run the scan it says that Windows can not detect or fix the problem. I have had this laptop for a little over a year (November 2010) and this has been happening since about January 2011. This is my first problem.

My second problem is that my battery gets EXTREMELY hot. Typically it is fine when I'm just doing normal web surfing or working on Office documents. However, if I try to run a disk (such as play Sims- lame, I know) I can play for about 30 minutes before my laptop suddenly shuts off. I know that it is overheating. I always use a Cooler Master laptop fan with my laptop, but even using this fan (which is pretty good) on the highest setting the left rear part of my computer gets hot that I can feel it when touching the keyboard part of my computer. I've tried readjusting the laptop on the fan so that the fan is directly under the part that gets hot. I feel like there is an issue rather than just laptop heat. This problem is a newer issue and has only been going on for the last few months. It initially started shutting down, which is when I purchased my first fan, and that stopped it. But now it is doing it WITH the fan.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice that I receive. I would love to just take my laptop somewhere to have it looked at, but I really can't afford it right now and I need my laptop daily for school and work. If you need more information I will find what I can! I'm okay on computers, but not super tech savvy...just walk me through how to get what you need and I'll do it!

Thanks, Nicole

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