Basically for a while, my video cable has had a DVI adapator to connect my screen to my nvidia graphics card in my computer tower. I was on the train 2 days ago, and my suitcase flew off the luggage rack and the front of the tower cracked. Obviously when I got up to where I was staying I plugged in the screen, and the tower and the screen isn't recieving a signal anymore. I opened up the comp, checked everything even took out the graphics card and checked it, nothing is loose/broken. The cable was acting up before I left, I have sent off for a new adapter AND cable, I am just wondering could it be something else? Like something damaged at the front of the tower? Thanks!

A fall like that can easily flex the circuit board(s), causing a break in a circuit trace. You need to take this to a competent hardware diagnostic center. It may be fixable, but it may not be. In any case, take the system drive out, plug it into a docking bay, and see if it can be read by another computer that is functional. If it can be, then fix/replace the system, and use the old drive as a backup for your data.

I opened it up as I said and I can't seen anything broken at all, it wasnt a big fall and the only part broken is the front of the chassis, the inside is fine :s

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