Help! i have a fujitsu siemens amilo l6825 laptop
xp home sp2
p4 2.8ghz
30gb hd
256 ddr3700 ram

i just surf the net & the screen goes black at random times,can be 5mins or 25.but the power light stays on and it sounds like the HD is on aswell,but no fan(works fine when the pc is running) thought at first it could be overheating so i downloaded everest to check the cpu :came out as follows...these were the highest temps


thought this was a bit high ,so i took out the fan-heatsink-cpu cleaned them all from dust & gave the cpu a thin coat with artic silver paste,& put it all together..still no changes :cry: also ive checked all the powermagement settings..they stand at allways on! ive taken out the ram and reinstalled it ..

also the charger seems hottish

no change with the temps on the cpu etc..

so i sat the laptop and charger on a basket with a BIG fan underneath
and ran Everest...temps came out as follows

m/board :33

ahhh :cool: that will be ok i thought and left it for a while
:sad: :sad: :sad: 35-40mins later....poooof it was off again! hd& power button still on...
i must hold down the p/button ,then i hear the HD shut down.
when i turn it back on there is no warnings that i have shut it down wrong !is it a problem ram?


is there nobody who can help me??

is there nobody who can help me??

My colleague has had this same problem with her laptop. After looking at it I found that the small switch in the top right corner of the laptop was the cause of the problem.(the one that tells the computer the screen was closed) After pressing it down a few times with a pin, the screen was fully restored but then after closing the lid again, the problem remained. I think you will need to send the computer for repair and a new switch.

I am at work I will check when I get home, it sounds about right though...who knows
Cheers from Carolmkav

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