i has 500gb hitachi external drive...i have divide to 4 partition...Whenever i plug in my external hard drive in computer, it detect but when i open "my computer", the window explorer just freezes and the green ribbon shows up, moves very slowly, and eventually stops at some point. i can see my hard drive partition but i cant open it..when i click the partition to open it or right click to format, windows explorer just freezes..when i unplug the external, i get some mesej box say "format partiton..."i have try to other laptop and get same result..
any one.

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artiton..."i have try to other laptop and get same result..
any one.

try to scan disk your external hard disk when plugged in to your computer by using Command Prompt (or just type 'cmd' under Run windows.

Type in the followings

chkdsk "Drive directory" /f /x /r

eg. "" chkdsk e:/ /f /x /r ""

If it found some bad sectors, it will repair the sector automatically. If this still doesn't work, you may have to reformat whole external HDD and just create one partition only.


nothing happen..my harddrive completely have bad sector...nothing i can do..i using low format tools after that i can create the unlocated drive anymore..but drive still detect in computer..the drive still not dead ..

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