ok guys... this is what happened! i have a Acer Aspire One Netbook and the screen had a bunch of lines in it so i ordered a new one and changed it and now my netbook powers on but nothing. i pushed the power button and the light comes on, the fan comes on for about 2 seconds and turns back off and thats it. no beeps or anything else but the power stays on. what is the deal with this? PLEASE HELP! i need this for school and if i dont have my laptop then i can't do my school work :(

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i've tried the take out the battery, unplug it and held the power button for 60sec and waiting and tried it again and nothing, i even changed back to the old screen and same thing...

Open it and verify that all wires are in place and correctly connected. If it still doesn't work (test it without screwing it together) then try your old monitor. You might got the wrong monitor or the new one just doesn't work.
If you don't get it to work with the old monitor you've either messed it up or your doing something wrong.

ill try that again... i'll post back what i found out! thanks

your PC is being heated up that usually happens due to a electrical fault in appliances ( IC or wires) try diagnosing it might had been the screen wires that u connected werent attached properly

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