It's ugly:

My guess is the monitor cable. But help is welcome: I don't wana take it apart. This is my first mac, never fixed any before. So I would thankful for a software problem.

ps.: Due to dammed design "flaws", I cannot just take the monitor and plug it into another machine, as I do with PC. T_T

Thanks for any help!

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Partially solved: It's not the monitor cable, or not contact error, because I've messed with it, and it's exactly same. Now either LCD panel, or I've found something on the net regarding something called the logic board. Anyway it would need replacing, and might not worth it.

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It looks like the LCD is on the way out to me, but it may be worth just buying a new Mac as the older ones just don't have enough grunt for Lion.

This is a known issue with those. It's the LCD and unless you can get a used LCD for a good price it's not worth fixing :/
Either use an external display on this mac or buy a new unit.

you should buy I new one

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