Hey Guys!

So... I left my PC back home when i went off to college and now that I'm back for summer, it seems that it has missed me because it doesn't work anymore.

First Problem:

When I tried to switch it on, it would start to boot (I'd see the fans try to spring to life) and then it would immediately switch itself off.

What I Tried:

  1. Removed peripherals and reseated all the hardware (RAM sticks, video card, CPU, etc.) -- No luck
  2. Reset BIOS to eliminate overclocks. (removed battery) -- No luck
  3. Took the motherboard, PSU, and video card out, cleaned them thoroughly (with compressed air), connected them outside the case, and applied power. -- This took care of this problem and led to the next.


Second Problem:

PC powers up, fans would get started, all the relevant lights would work but nothing on the screen and no hard drive activity is heard.

What I Tried:

Nothing. I had exhausted my arsenal of things to try in the first problem.

What now?

First i thought maybe I should buy a new video card... Now I'm thinking it's the motherboard because I did have problems with its DIMMs before. You guys have any suggestions?


Have you tried using the motherboard's on board graphics chipset (if your board has one)?

RAM issues may prevent a system from booting. No POST when you boot? You indicated that you were able to get into te BIOS.

If you at least get to the POST process, to rule out a motherboard issue, boot up using a Linux Ubuntu CD. If it boots motherboard should be good a d memory should be at least mostly good.

No video, try another video source.

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