Hi I have a bad sector and cannot log in to the netbook I have a zoostorm freedom netbook and when I start the netbook it always goes to repair and then restart and repair so I did a disk check on advanced options none of the advanced recovery methods work and It all started when I re-installed windows and it failed it said that all changes made will not be saved so I did a disk check and it said Bad Sector 4KB and I have contacted Zoostorm and they said I have to replace the hard drive and re-install windows. So the question is , do I have to replace the HDD(Hard Disk Drive) or the RAM Hard Drive. And the code that comes under every pc and laptop are they codes that can be used to install windows again.

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Not sure what you mean by a RAM hard drive... i think you just mean RAM memory? In any case, its the Hard Drive (HDD) that would be replaced. When you install Windows again, you would use the serial that is listed on the sticker. I assume that the netbook vendor provided you with a recovery disk to reinstall Windows?

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