My laptop overheated and shut down. Since then it does not stay on more than a few seconds sometimes it gets all the way to window's login.

I opened it and replaced the heat sink and fan that had failed.

Still no luck.

I added some thermal paste on top of the cpu to be sure it was connected to the heat sink.

No luck.

The power light is on when ac adapter is pluggged on. The laptop starts and then shuts down.

If the laptop goes all the way to windows login does it not mean that the cpu and the hard drive are still ok? The hard drive is new - I changed it a month ago.

Anything else I can do?

It either damaged the CPU or motherboard, more than likely the CPU.

How can we know which one? It would be kind of cool if it was just the cpu - easier to change than the motherboard!

hey - I do not think it is the cpu - It stayed on long enough to log into windows and worked fine then for 3 minutes. However my new fan does not seem to work. What could be the reason? It works a few seconds and then turns off.

hi, my old gateway can charge its battery to 100% in 24 hours with out powering on.
but when powered on, it work for 20minutes and backup. when I check the charge level on the battery, it displayed 25% and it would require another 24hours to charge it up to 100%.
This started with problem in the charging port, where I manipulate it to sustain the pink light i.e charging. But now there is no charging light, on the icon, battery not connected is seen.
Any one with the power diagram and useful information on how to fix this problem

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