Hello i have a vaio vpcz1 and the connection on the motherboard which leads to the wireless switch board is damaged and i can't afford a motherboard replacement for that reason only.
is there any way to enable wireless capabilities on my vaio without the switch board attached?? i have installed the wireless smart connection software but it doesn't allow me to open any of wifi, bluetooth, wan, unless i put the switch on (sorry for bad english).thank you

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thanks for the quick answer, that was my last solution to this problem but I think it will be the best and with low cost, however the bad think it's that it's not only my wifi inactive but all wireless capabilities ( wifi, Bluetooth, wan 3G Internet ) and also the sound card because it's included in the same board, I was hoping for to find a better solution but I think I want. Thank you very much

vaio vpcz1

im sorry, i missed the part that it controlled the bloothoth and wan 3g ,you need a new board i guess

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