Hey all,
I've been trying to troubleshoot my (what I believe to be a) dead machine. I get a black screen on boot however when I put in a Windows boot cd, I can hear the drive spinning.

Also, I can't hold the power button to turn it off. The only way to turn it off is the switch on the power supply. Is it the power supply, cpu or motherboard that has gone out? I really want to get this machine fixed, so any and all help is appreciated. If I need to supply more information, I happily will.

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,drive spiining ,so the first step would be to elimate a bad monitot ,by trying another one ,if still no go ,then you need to check the video output of the computer ,plus video cable to monitor ,another power supply ect ect ,its just a process of elimitation

The problem is, I don't have a motherboard speaker on it. Ergo, I can't check beep codes. Is there any way to find out what is wrong without a mothorboard speaker?

Also, I know it's not a bad monitor because I use it for my older PC.

as i said in my last post ,open it remove and reinstall video card[if it has one ]/ i'll add this ,also remove ram and any other addin card and try booting it ,reset bios ,removing hte bios battery for a few minutes ,then replace .the list goes on and on ,hard to diagonise when not in front of it .

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