my roommate just got a new rig and he is having trouble getting it to work the problem is the monitor is not receiving a signal from the computer. His specs are

Graphics card-XFX Radeon 7970
motherboard- asus extreme-z
Ram- 16 G
sound- x-Fi 7.1

he tried making sure that everything was properly installed. he also unplugged power supply and pressed the power button down for 30 and still nothing. we also tried plugging it up too 3 different monitors and also used VGA and hdmi plug in and still nothing. if anyone has any advice on how to fix the problem would be much appreciated.

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Do you get video during POST? If not, video card or video cable issue. If you do get video during POST but no within Windows, boot (hit F8 just after POST) into Safe Mode and adjust the video resolution.


Does the video card require a separate power connection. Some of the newer cards have a 4 or 6 pin connection at the end of the card opposite the video connectors. They need the extra power to operate.
I am assuming that when you turn it on the fans start to spin etc. ??

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