I am looking to begin a build which is encompass and satisfy all of my computing needs. As far as needs go I use my computer for many tasks such as, word processing, video editing, gaming, virtualization. I have a few ideas of parts for this build but I am looking to stagger this build as I do not have a lot of money to spare.

The first question I had was what socket should I get on my motherboard, lga 1155 or lga 2011?

Secondly what is the best brand of SSDs at the moment?

Third, What graphics card is able to support multiple monitors without taking away from gaming experiences?

Otherwise I was hoping ton find more information on specs for building pcs with different purposes.

More to follow

just and update, I plan on doing this in steps as to save up for better parts in the long run.

first off, if you said you want to save up and buy upgrades in the future, your best bet for now would be to get a good quality, higher end motherboard, and when you upgrade later, then you just upgrade the components around the motherboard.
motherboard replacements, although easy, are the most challenging of hardware upgrades, and most often require a clean install of the operating system to ensure there are no driver related conflicts.
moving on...

socket type:
IMO 2011 is far too expensive right now to notice any great benefits over 1155. 1155 socket is an excellent choice. one of the best CPUs at the moment is the i7 3770k which can cost about $350+ depending where you shop, but for now a decent i3 should be just fine for what you've described and cost only about $120.

for starters, depending how intense the video editing is that you do, you could start with a simple 4gb ddr3 1600mhz setup, and upgrade if you need it. most 1155 board support up to 32gb of ram... so you've got lots of room to expand there if you need to.

Graphics cards:
video editing is different than gaming, but to get multiple monitor support good enough for both without sacrificing gaming experience, i would get 2 gts450 cards and run them in SLI. that will allow for up to 4 monitors, and still have enough power to run pretty well any game on the planet right now without any problems.
GTS450s are also fairly cheap (around $100 or so each), and when you combine them together in SLI, you'll get a tremendous amount of power.

by far the best, most reliable SSDs right now are the Intel 520 series drives. They are bullet proof. Next to that, I would say Kingston HyperX.

Storage drive(s):
to be honest, this one's up to you. i'm not sure on how much capacity you need for storage and whatnot, but both seagate and western digital make good drives... i've had great success, and great failures with both. Hatachi is owned by western digital, samsung is owned by seagate, and Fujitsu is owned by Toshiba. (i've never used a fujitsu / toshiba drive, so i have no comment on those).

so, now lets get you to the nitty gritty motherboard:
my personal preference is ASUS, but MSI is my extremely close second favorite. MSI makes top quality boards, and tend to be a bit cheaper than ASUS. Gigabyte is also a good brand, but i've only even used entry level boards for basic builds, so i dont know personally how they perform in a higher-end setting.
Basically, anything with a Z68, or Z77 chipset is a good go man.

Power supply:
first off, DONT BUY OCZ! in my experience, i've seen 4 of them fail.
Corsair makes an extremely solid, reliable, and efficient power supply. Well... technically, their power supplies are manufactured by Seasonic, so anything from either of those two are my personal favorites.

For a small build like you're describing, a Corsair CX430 should be plenty of power for you.

Best of luck

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