I purchased a Compaq Presario (Refurbished) desktop last year. After a month, the computer kept freezing when playing media or surfing the internet. I called Compaq-HP technical support. After seven day of doing a bundle of tests including several times of full recovery as they told, they agreed the callback for repair. But nearly three months after it was repaired, the same problem happened again. I called the technical support again. I was told 75-day warranty left and was asked to do all the recovery and tests again. But when all the tests were done and the computer still froze, I was told the warranty was expired and they would not provide any services on it. Then I searched the internet for solutions and found that this is a popular problem of Compaq Presario. I was so disappointed at Compaq’s attitude to their defected products.

Now my last hope is posting this problem here to see if any experts can help to solve it at the lowest cost. Thank you.

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When you found out that it was a popular thing among compaq users did you not find the cause of the problem and how to repair it. They should have it somewhere how to resolve it or atleast what is the actual cause



my daughter has a 2yr old Compaq Presario and has never had this problem .
did they get you to clean out the air vents /heatsinc and fans .did they suggest a cooler pad to help keep it cool .
did they suggest you check the ram for errors .
Did they suggest you buy a Toshiba the next time .lol

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