Have a replacement board for the Dell X1. Have much experience with desktop board replacement and a little with laptops. Have what I believe to be the Dell replair manual but it is not instructive to the approach. I know that the board is screwed to the bottom of the form factor but the images do not show a sequence. Looking to correspond with one who has worked with this model. Guidance sought.

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To replace the main board on a Dell laptp, you first need to remove the battery, RAM (accessible via a port on the bottom of the system), CD/DVD drive, HDD (hard drive), top cover/bezel, keyboard, and various other bits and pieces. You may need a special tool to safely remove the bezel/cover which looks a bit like a small snow scraper with a hooked end. One of the last thing you will do is remove the screws on the bottom of the case so you can pull the board out, after disconnecting things like the connections to the display, etc. The screws on the bottom of the case all (usually) have some sort of icon associated with them to indicate what they attach. In any case, when removing the main board, you will probably remove all of them... :-) Good Luck!

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