I dropped my laptop ( Dell Vostro) and the pc board came out of the left side. I put it back in and wen i turn on the comp all i get is a blue screen with the little design on it. Is it because the little boa4d came out and now it has to reload windows? Its been like that for a few hours

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What exactly do you mean by pc board? Do you mean the laptop opened up and the motherboard fell out?

If there are damaged parts, which it sounds like there are, reloading windows isnt going to solve your problem.

Did you try shutting down the computer, restarting?

Any other messages on the screen except the design?

yes the board fell out inside its cartridge. The board is small about two n a half by! 4 inches. And yes i have restarted it and i still get the light blue screen

sound like a remote[ found in some multimetia/entertainment laptop ] or some other type of card reader device,not a system board ,not something that would hur the laptop by not being in ,you likely tamaged something inside the case like the motherboard

Check if anything came loose because of dropping it, like ram modules or connectors.

Ok il try that n thanx

first of all is it only the blue screen or there are some things write on it normaly in white. this is simply due to a hardware problem. first dismantly the laptop and fix it back that will solve the problem. if the problem presist than it means a hardware componet is damage.

Ok what its doing now is this: it is running a a startup repair scan and is searching for problems. Now its been doing this for hours on end and when i try to cancel it, it says that i cannot do so and keeps on scanning. The only way to stop it or turn the comp off is to remove the battery and unplug the charge cable because the power button wont shut the comp off. However the power button will turn the comp back on after i have shut it off pulling the battery...very frustrating

Also at thebotton left of the screen there is a little toolbar with this: x:/windows/... wen i maximize. That it maiximizes of course but is a black screen (on top of the blue screen)

Have you tried booting from your Windons-CD already, if not try that first.

ok i get you. if you seed the repairing windows sreen it means that something has gone on with you os.
so let do some troubleshooting. first find a hard disk you know is working or a new one insect it into the laptop and install windows on it (the process in on google search for it). after that it should work if not let me know go we go onto the next step

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