very recently i formated the comp and it worked and i upgradedmy nokia 500 symbian anna into a belle after this the problem arised i dont know what happend my comp suddenly restarted (which happend like three timees that day) my monitor keyboard and mouse aint working i have tried putting it in other usb ports but no luck my monitor is showing the fact that it is on but doesnt let any images come due to the monitor being on stand by until mouse moves guys please urgent im using my laptop for my reasons

Well, upgrading your Symbian phone from Anna to Belle had zip to do with your computer problem - a red herring if you will. I am a senior systems engineer at Nokia Mobile Phones so I have some understanding of that - one of my phones is an N8 Symbian phone that I upgraded earlier this year to Belle... :-)

From what you are saying, it sounds like there is a hardware fault with your computer. Get some diagnostic software from the manufacturer (HP and others have programs and disc images for hardware diagnostics) and see if it sees that there is a problem. If it runs, and finds no hardware problem, then try reinstalling the operating system. If it doesn't run or finds a hardware problem, then there you are - sending it into the repair depot or getting a new system.