Hey guys,

I just bought a new setup:

Intel i7 3770K
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
8GB corsair vengeance

I've connected them all correctly... there mobo has a panel for debugging, and it says: "97" which means:"Console Output devices connect (ex. Monitor is lighted)"

i tried to remove the GFX card and to use the onboard. It worked. I tried to install windows, but the keyboard and the mouse is not working on the installation process...

Not sure what's going on wrong here...the gfx card should work just fine.

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Anyone has any clue?...

The PSU is 600W by the way...

maybe your GPU still running in onboard try go bios set Gpu at PCIE .. safe and boot , plug cable monitor at 660ti .. just suggestion i'm still noob

What Henydiah suggests for the Gfx card should fix that problem. Be careful of the static sensitive circuitry when handling the card. ESD Precautions

Do your keyboard and mouse connect via cable or wirelessly?

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