I've had this problem for a while now.

My computer
Gateway MD2614u (amd64 1.6ghz 1mb L2 cache)
will randomly shut off if I am doing heavy work on the computer, without any warnings on shutdown or start-up.

This problem did NOT occur in Windows 7, but has occurred in both Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP.

I have downloaded lm-sensors and have done some tests and I'm getting an average temperature of 74c and a high temperature of 92c+ (it shuts down at 100c+).

As far as I've seen, this isn't even possible?
I see a lot of people saying 50c is bad, and here I am, typing at a supposedly 71c.

What is going on?

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Does the laptop feel hot to the touch?

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Does the laptop feel hot to the touch?

Try putting the cpu under some sort of load and monitor the temps.
Mobile cpu's do run hotter, but loading the cpu will tell you if it's that.

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