I dropped my laptop while it was running and it just smashed on floor. Laptop is working except the laptop lcd screen.It is lighted and shows bunch of colors time to time. I had problems with screen in previous months.But I do not bother it.The problem was that there were two vertical lines with color green and blue. these lines still shown on my laptop screen and the rest of the laptop behaves like as i stated above. I connected my laptop with external monitor and it showed me everything from boot screen to windows.Only problem was that on external monitor , video driver was corrupted and after reinstalling it and screen went good. Mean It works well on external monitor.When I switch to Laptop LCD screen by pressing Fn + F4 the laptop beeps for some seconds.All the components were working fine when i switched to external monitor e.g.Hard Drive, RAM, Processor and Motherboard also.But My LCD is not working at all. What is The Problem? Is It a Problem? Will it cost very much? Laptop Model is HP Compaq nc6320.

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sounds like the problem is it broke when you dropped it,and will need to be replaced
,dropping is not a healthy thing for a laptop,I just recently changed one in a Toshiba laptop ,it was a 15.6 led screen ,customer sat on it and broke the screen ,it cost the customer $120.00 [new led with 3 yr waurrent,$90.69,my cost +30 dollars labour],but that was only because I am cheap,Staples or furture shop ,wanted 250.00 to do it.

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one of my freind had the same problem, the lines on the screen as u r saying he repaired it from a mechanic and this cost approx 900rs.


same probl with my laptop (hp ) . if u have an waurrent on laptop u can ask them to make solution to this promble ,sure they ill .otherwise u need to do as mrs caperjack or anilkumar 19

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just a bit of info .Warrinties don't cover owner damage like dropping the lapto,only manufactor defects

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