I installed a new hard drive on a Sony Vaio Laptop Model PCG K25 with plans on loading the original Windows XP software using Sony's recovery/reinstallation CD. (The disk is a DVD, not a CD)

After installing the hard drive and inserting the CD, I powered up and entered the bios to change the boot sequence CD/DVD. When I rebooted the CD did not start and a message appeared on black screen stating "No Operating System Found." Of course I expected there was no OPERATING SYSTEM, but I was immediately concerned that I may have a malfunction CD Drive.

I entered the BIOS ADVANCE menu and saw that there was NO PRIMARY OR SECONDARY IDE, neither drive was being recognized.

I checked under the other BIOS menus to see if there were any options available to change this situation. I saw none, except one: RESET DEFAULTS.

Then I think I made the worst mistake ever when I chose that options. Nothing changed. I then replaced the original Hard Drive, which was a 50g hard drive; the new hard drive is 120g.

(I really don't know why I thought anything would be different.) I am desperate since I am doing this upgrade for a friend.

Any thoughts,ideas, advice? I appreciate any and all responses. I will provide further information upon request.

Thanks, in advance.

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try hitting f11 or f12 on bootup to see if it gives the bootoption ,where you can choose dvd drive

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try hitting f11 or f12 on bootup to see if it gives the bootoption ,where you can choose dvd drive

Thanks for the advice. I will try this as soon as I get a chance. I hope it works....

I will let you know.

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