Today i woke up and my computer wouldn't turn on. I did have this problem a few days before this but after a few mins it turned on. At the time i thought there was a slot not working on the power strip. I re pluged it in somewhere else and it turned on. But today i tried that again after getting a new power strip and it wouldn't turn on at all. i tryed different cables and that didn't work as well. The green light is on the MOBO and the PSU is about a month old. after all this i thought the switch broke and i have been wanteing to get a new case so i went a got a new case and it still will not turn on. I have no idea whats going on. please help

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Try removing and placing your RAM...I often get these kind of issues and cleaning the RAM will solve my issue. Try it!!

Ill try that. But i think it might be the mobo i switched it out with an older one and it worked then

that didnt work. I believe it is something to do with the mother board But thanks

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