I have a very old PC in my first house! It is a pentium 3 with intel i810-ITE8712 mobo. I wanted to buy a gpu under 25$ to ATLEAST play videos and some low level games to pass my time! It has a pci slot and an agp slot! can any one recommend a gpu!

Windows or Linux? Make sure you get drivers with it or know you can get them before you buy a card.

You could try searching for an AGP 256MB Video Card. But you'll also need to think seriously about RAM too.

You would do better to save up for something like a Playstation 2, or similar console. You can watch DVD's, there is a vast amount of inexpensive games for it, and you can invite a friend or more around to join you, something you can't do with a PIII system.

I know but I need it for internet (videos etc) ! Its a windows xp system. The ram is less like 256mb.(I think) Should i buy a new CPU??

If it is permissible with Admin, (I don't know their policy on this) but I would like you to send me an email with your home address and I would like to post a video card to you. In the UK here we are throwing this kind of kit away...

Please allow me to do this. Copy and paste this address into your email program and charge the ? symbol to an @ symbol: biqpaw?gmail.com

bigpaw i was thinking the same thing i have a few here also ,here in canada the whole computer gets thrown away ,i have caught a few ,save for the heck of it ,then i throw them away ,but , then i check posters profile and it not there main computer,so its not like they really need it ,ill save mine for someone who really needs it .good luck .

Caperjack, thank you - I didn't think of having a look at his profile.

Yeh! It is not my main pc! But my fathers PC. Is there a cheap mobo and processor combo?....I think there is no hope!

not that i would love to help you ,with suggestions or free stuff ,for me its that your on the otherside of the world from me,so i cant ship it, or wouldn't know whre to look on the web to find stuff you need for sale

Your computer is too much out-dated. And about my opinion you computer don’t have any PCI slot or PCI-express slot for latest graphics card only you have AGP slot for graphics card so you need to buy AGP graphics card. And the performance of AGP graphics card is quite lower but enough for low-end game and video playback. So please go for any AGP graphics card.

Okay! I will have to throw! Anyway thanks guys!

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