I am a bit stuck in choosing what computer to get for gaming. I also make videos for youtube so would need to be able to record in HD while still getting decent FPS from about 25+ on medium or higher settings.

I asked a seller on ebay and he recommended the following items:


Would either of these be able to run the following games with decent fps while recording in HD on medium or higher game settings?:
Skyrim (I know its a tough game to run so the fps would be able to drop to about 18+)
Call of Duty 4 - 9
Diablo 3

And one last thing is; If I got window 8, would it be able to run everything windows 7 can? (Games etc)

Any opinions and help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

here is the thing....i don know much about computers but i am a gamer big time and from one gamer to another i sugest u buy the one with higher graphics and normal speed (2.8-3.0) every thing else you can upgread it for afordable price but graphics if you screw it up when you buy its much expencive....