Hello, my problem is very strange.

Since few weeks couple of my pen drives don't work on any of my USB Ports.
Mouse and Keyboard is working, strange thing is that when I plug my IPhone via USB cable it can be read like normal, but pen drives don't (they do work on other computers).

When I plug it in, there is sound in Windows, like you always plug something in and in Devices & Printers it shows "USB DISK", nothing else.

Can anybody help to fix this problem?

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Go to device manager and check if there is anything wrong with your USB drivers.

To go to device manager, click on start menu, right click on COMPUTER then click on manage.

1st right-click Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables at the bottom. Click New and put devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices in the Variable Name and put 1 in the Variable Value and press ok until your out. Then load device manager and click view and then select show hidden devices. Right click and select uninstall on any "Greyed" out devices. Go through each section. This will flush out your stale hardware drivers. Then reboot. [DO NOT put the usb keys in yet]. Open Device manager and make pay special care to "Storage Volumes" and remove anything there that is not currently connected to your system as well as "Universal Serial Bus controllers" AND "Drisk drives" and reboot. Wait for your PC to fully bootup and try adding one of the keys.

ALSO try the keys in a different system to make sure they are in fact "working" before trying any of the above.

Good luck

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