ok i have acer aspire 0ne 721 series with an hitachi 160 gig hdd i have taken it out to reformat it on my computer because it has a password protected and i have forgotten the password the problum is that is showing up in the device manager but not in my computer
ive tryed to manage it through the computer but dose not show up and when i restart my computer it dose not show in the start up eather ive tryed to go in to the bios but dont want to touch anything in there with knowing what to touch in there can someone please help and i have another 160 gig hard drive but it says missing bootmgr and it dosent show up on my computer eather only in device manager

  1. Download, burn, and boot a Linux live CD/DVD/USB drive.
  2. Start the command line / console tool.
  3. Use the dd command to wipe the drive: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx bs=1M
    /dev/sdx is the device ID of the HDD you need to reuse. /dev/sda is usually the system disc - which will contain your Windows 7 environment. /dev/sdb might be a second drive if you have one (your D: drive), or it may be the drive you are trying to recover.
  4. Use the fdisk command to create a new DOS partition table: fdisk /dev/sdx (or whatever)
    The command to write a new DOS partition table is 'o' (just the letter o), and then 'w' (just the letter w) to write the partition table to the disc and exit fdisk.

When done, reboot into Win7 and you should be able to partition, reformat, and use the drive.