hi. i have a toshiba laptop(not sure what model number is) and for a while now(i would say prolly since last year) i have been having a hard time with the drive loading stuff. when i pop the drive out and put cd's, dvds, software discs, game discs what ever it may be and i push in the drive to have the computer recognize it and load it, it usually doesn't load. i have to pop the drive out and push it back in at least 4 or more times for it to load. each time i put it in it ends up making noise like its going to recognize and load and after 5 minutes of the laptop making noise it stops and doesn't load i will finally get it to load after 15 to 20 minutes of fighting with it. sometimes i can't load anything up at all unless i shut all the programs down and shut the computer itself down for a while and turn the computer back on an hour later. it get really frustrating when i am copying cd's and dvds cause after each copy i have to shut down my computer for an hour and make another copy after i turn it back on. it works when i restart it instead of shutting it down but it only works when i restart it once and then i have to shut it down completely to let it sit for an hour. was wondering if anyone know's whats wrong or if anyone has ever came across this problem before. i appreciate any feed back that will help. thanks.

First, try cleaning the drive - get a CD/DVD cleaning disc - and see if that helps. If not, replace the drive. It is either a dirty lense / laser emitter, or it the lense / emitter is out of alignment. If the latter, there is nothing you can do other than replace the drive. I have had similar problems in the past that the cleaning disc would fix.

ok. do you know if amazon.com or walmart sells them?

Any local electronics store would carry these disc's rubberman was refering to! Just go to one of your local stores, and tell them that you need a CD/DVD cleaning disc, and they'll get you it :) Hope this helps!

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