I wonder how to cek the cd rom speed in my laptop?

I am trying to cek if my cd-com fulfill the speed requirement to listen a cd-rom that I purchase.

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Most any CD-ROM drive will be fast enough for audio playback - even a 1x device will do that just fine (with some possible stuttering when system functions take up too much I/O or CPU resources). Most CD-ROM drives can read at up to 52x, so when you play back an audio CD, they buffer the data to memory and use that to overcome other system bottlenecks. I haven't seen any issue in this regard for many, many years. If your computer was purchased after about 1990 or so, you should not have a problem...

I think may be this information is used for you and also I believe you can do this...going to click the
Start Menu and then click
Accessories then
System Tools and then finally
System Information This file should give you that info.

If the laptop is of recent manufacture then it will more than likely be a DVD drive of some variety. The process of reading from a Red book audio CD (ie a standard audio CD) is for the system to mount he disk first ie work out what the disk is. This always seems to take longer for DVD drives. The system then seeks the inner edge of the CD to find the 'lead in' then the outer edge of the data track and the lead out which then points the system back at the start of the data track. You should hear the disk spin up and slow down, then the read light on the drive should falsh as the data is initailly read from the disk and stored/cached down. As stated above modern drives are capable of reading data at a sufficient rate to enable play back of audio disks. I have not seen any drives which are less than 16 speed read ie 150Kb/sec x16 for more than 8 years now. I wonder why you have asked this question? If the drive is faulty in the laptop, then if you can borrow a USB external drive you can check out what is causing the problem if there is one? Replacement laptop drives can be and expensive replacement if it is not a 'drive' problem

The system information solution is good to get the drive details after which you will have to do an Internet search to get the drive spec and exact speeds for each type of disk the drive will read back at

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