i have hp dv4 core i3 laptop.sometimes back its screen blacked out.i toke it for repair. the guy said its VGA cable is not working.i told him to get the laptop in one piece as it was unscrewed.when he got it screwed that laptop was not able start.he said ill fix it.leave with me.after a day or two i got back to the repair shop and the guy said the motherboard is dead..and if u had not asked to put the laptop in one piece it would have been fixed.he said the motherboard got grounded and blah.u need to get a new motherboard worth 18000 rs .now is there a way to fix the motherboard?or do i have to get a new one?and whats the price for the board.and any got repair guy in Islamabad?help would be appreciated.Walikum Salam.

The HP DV series laptops are well known for graphics failure. It is down to a combination of poor design and poor manufacturing quality.
If it is still under warranty then get it back to HP as a proper repair can be very very expensive.

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