I am facing quite the predicament. The computer I am currently using will not boot because, as the title says, there is "no boot device found." When I check the BIOS settings, however, the HDD is recognized under the "Drives" menu. The only problem is that it is not recognized in the list of boot devices.

I have tried to change settings, but there is an unknown Administrator password in place. I tried removing the CMOS battery, messing with the jumper, etc. all to no avail.

This computer has had a problem with an HDD before. When I first came to own it, the hard drive was simply broken and useless. The one I am currently using is fairly new. (I installed it at Christmas time, 2012) I haven't had any problems with it until now. There is a Windows 7 installation on it, and I know it works. It was operational only just last week.

A few more tidbits of information about the machine:

XPS 210

BIOS revision: 2.4.0

HDD: Barracuda Es.2 SATA

I would greatly appreciate suggestions anyone might have about getting this thing working again. (Removing the BIOS admin password would be a bonus.) Why is the drive recognized as a working device connected to the machine's interface, but not as a bootable device when there is an OS installation on it? Once again, any help would be most appreciated.

Well, the drive can be identified, but the boot partition or MBR could be hosed making it unbootable. Have you tried the disk in another machine? Can you boot with a live CD and check that the disk is readable? How about a Windows install media and run a repair (won't hurt anything).

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I agree with CimmerianX, it looks like the drive, or at least the MBR is malfunctioning. I hope you don't consider this spam, but Spinrite has worked for me in many similar ocassions.

I believe I have found the problem, although I still have no idea on how to fix it. The drive is protected by an Admin Password in the BIOS. I can't select it as a boot device because I don't know the password. Are there any suggestions for removing the password, or any defaults I could try?

I did boot with a Windows install disc, and everything is as I left it. The only problem is my computer won't let me select the drive as a boot device.

try to reset your bios by removing the cmos battery on the motherboard for a couple of seconds try to on power up you pc without the battery install... then power off the machine then install back the cmos battery.

I tried removing the battery before I made this thread and it didn't work. However, I did not try to turn the computer on while it was absent.

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