My ASUS "P4C800-E Deluxe" MoBo has 2 SATA connections and 2 SATA RAID connections. I would like to use 3 SATA hard drives, in a non RAID configuration, with this MoBo.

Can I connect the third HD to one of the "RAID" MoBo connectors, and have it work, or are these 2 connections ONLY for a RAID config? If not then I guess a SATA host controller card is needed to add the third SATA hard drive?

I'm kinda at a loss here, and desperatly missing my FlightSim time :rolleyes: so any help is, as always, appreciated.

Thanks, gang!


2 SATA connectors and 2 SATA RAID connectors would mean that two SATA connectors support RAID, while 2 don't. You can safely connect the three SATA drives you want to without a RAID setup. Plugin the 3 drives and you're good to go...

Ahh...sorry to report that that was not the case, goldeagle. Any drives plugged into the "SATA Raid" ports, on the MoBo, do not show up. I tried switching various HD's around an none showed up if connected to those 2 RAID ports. Not a big deal...and I certainly appreciate your response, it was worth a shot!!

Guess I'll run out tomorrow and get an internal SATA host card to allow the 3rd drive to connect.

Okay..have you tried connecting the drives in RAID? Because its possible your ports could be faulty. I'm saying so as my mobo SATA ports support RAID and I tried connecting a SATA HD to those ports, and it worked flawlessly. Maybe you're missing the controller drivers?

Yes, I did, goldeneagle. I even enabled RAID for the drives, in my BIOS, but that isn't the answer.

I have installed a SATA host card and connected my 3rd HD to it and all seems well? Probably NOT the best way to do this...but I know next to nothing about a RAID configuration (let's be honest...I know how to spell it! R-A-I-D). I've heard that, with these SATA drives, I could set them up as "RAID". I have no clue, and honestly, I have my flightsim working again. I may delve deeper, later...but, as of now...RAID is for killing bugs?!

Thanks, buddy! People like you make the whole "trip" worthwhile!

We may get into the whole "RAID" thing later?!? If I do...I look forward to your help?

Be well.