is there any software that can controll the fan speed of the cpu, I already try "fan speed" but it is not compatible with my laptop. I also try in bios, but my bios doesnt have an option to edit the cpu speed.

I am using acer aspire 4750z, with win 7 ultimate.

I will appreciate for any suggestions, thank you.

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becuase the cpu fan of my laptop does look like the fan is not changing speed, even i load a lot of programs. I just figured it after i reformat it last week. so the cpu is so hot. then i want to change the speed to high.


If your certain its your CPU overheating the motherboard will turn up the power of the fan. Don't use your laptop on your lap, bed, sofa ect. Use it on a flat surface as not doing this is a big cause of overheating.


yes, i am always using my laptop using table.

Do you have any utilities that will control the cpu fan?


Your cooling system is most likely clogged full of dust, you need to get in there and clean it out. I bet there is a wad of dust between the heatsink and fan.
I open up and clean out my own laptop once a year and it keeps it running nice and cool.

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