Hello guys tommorow ill go to buy new HardDisk ( SSD ) but i dont know which one to buy it and to bee secure fast and save cause i dont want to buy it and than to kidding with safe waranty i have looked some discs and i dont know which is the best so im searching you help guys thanks !
btw the SSD to be around 150 EURO maximum. and also tell me what company is the best for SSD discs
Vortex, Samsung, Kingston, OCZ Vector, Chronos, Intel
Thanks again ! :)

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try the new intel ssd intel launches the new ssd drives recently i think it's the best among all as we know that the name intel is always touches the sky and have strong place in hardware technology.

yeah but its to expensive ... :/

btw i already buy one Kingston hyperX SSD SATA3 120GB :)

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