Hi guys,

A nephew of mine installed some stuff on the pc of my folks and it slowed down crazy. I cleaned the HDD to reinstall Windows.
But the pc went crazy and it drives me crazy now, have been trying to get Windows installed, yesterday and today after work, but the pc just keeps going off it seems.
I startup, if i dont do anything i get the message, boot.msg. If i choose BIOS or make the dvd master, everything seems to go well, but after a couple of minutes everything goes blank and the screen says, no video input. But all the fans, including those of my videocard and CPU and case keeps on spinning. But my videocard and CPU cools off, so i guess the mobo shuts all off.

What could be the reason? MOBO fail? videocard gets too hot and some kind of security mechanism? Or is the power supply?

I tried the following: 1) I opened the case, cleaned all the dust. 2) removed 3 ram sticks 3) I got an old HDD and tried to get it work with that 4) tried another screen, all failed.

I wanted to try another videocard, but dont want to buy a new one, and havent been able to find one till now to borrow and check that out.

Please do help me, cause i really want to solve this thing..

Check the 2 photos, the inside of the pc and the videocard.



When you say the screen is going blank, but is the computer still operating indicated by lights lit on the front of the case and fans spinning internally? This will give me an indication if the problem is with your video card or the mobo.

If the power stays on and the fans\lights continue to run, this would indicated a problem with the video card. Pull the card, let the system boot and check the pc via another computer or see if it connect to network.

If the system shuts down, well mobo or power supply issue. These are more difficult to determine unless you have replacement parts to swap out.

Also, what is the mobo you are using? Is it an ASUS M4A79XTD EVO?

when the PC start do you see the BIOS screen? can you et int to the bios? does the mother board have a built in VGA? take out the hard drive, the memory and then boot up the PC. if it stays on then put in one item at a time. ALO you might want to check the heat sink of the CPU, remove and clean and pout on new thermal grease.

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