I currently have a harddrive for my PC with runs windows 7. I am going to buy a whole new system though, including mobo, cpu, gpu, ssd, and everything but a case, Hard Drive, and DVD Drive.
I was wondering... Is it possible for me to instal windows 7 on my new SSD with my new system and then connect the hard drive to the system to get all my files and storage back?

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If it is a sata hard drive then yes!

commented: yes its sata. Thanks a lot. Will i lose any data by doing this? +0

yes you can. if its a SAT you will have availabe ports on the mother board to connect it to. if its a IDE you would have to get an adapter or IDE to USB and use it as an external drive.

yes. you can. check it , is it sata then you can use only sata hd but if your hd pata then you can use pata. sometines motherboard would support sata & pata also.

As long as both connections are compatible.

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