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I am building some PCs for a video editing class we are starting. I have most of the materials picked out what I will be using. The CPU will be the Xeon E3-1230 V2. We cannot overclock so I am going with a Xeon cpu. Anyway my question is with video editing and no gaming, Do I need an aftermarket cooler? Thanks.

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There are a lot more factors involved with this than just the CPU. The GPU (graphics processor) is much more important. Post the entire build list and specs that you have come up with, including such things as motherboard, power supply, video card, memory (speed and amount), etc.

Ya.... it is rightly said by rubberman please list out all your specs

I dont think so you will need an after market cooler as u are not operclocking your cpu. But buy a vey good certified power supply as the gpu will be consuming more power.

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