A friend of mine asked me to look at his laptop. It would over heat and shut down after thirty minutes. When I looked at it someone had already opened it up. The inside was a mess of dust crammed in the fan intake, crumbs, and crust from maybe a liquid spill. I cleaned it up, put it back together andf all I get is lights on the cap locks and number lock keys flashing. It is a HP Pavilion g7. It has no sounds of life except the lights flashing. Should I tell him to buy a new laptop?

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It was working before you cleaned it up? Check again for broken connections and such. Make sure all socketed chips are well seated and that their connections are clean also. A can of compressed air is your friend here... :-) I think it is worth a second pass on the cleanup. If it still doesn't boot, then it is time either for replacement (something other than HP), or a visit to the HP repair depot.

It was not working when I received the laptop, it looked like someone had opened it up and made matters worse. I am going to go over it again.

i would prefer you to buy a thermal pad so that the excessive heat from laptop will radiate faster.

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