Hi, Just wondering if someone can help me with updating my ram.
I have been doing alot of reading up on it and im more confused now:confused: .

I attached my computer specs.

I have 512 at the moment.
Should i just add another 1gb?
Should i go for a matched pair? eg corsair xms 2 X 512?
Or matched 2 X 1gb?

I dont want it slow down like i have read some do.

All help would be greatly appreciated.


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If your motherboard supports dual channel memory, then you could get a preformance boost by pairing up two sticks that are exactly the same in memory, speed, manufacturer, etc. But then, if you dont have many slots, you could go for just one, larger, stick.

If you plum your MOBO make & model into


It will tell you the type of memory that you should use:D

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