I have a (more of a) question and (less of a) problem here. Recently I purchased, what I tought was a Pioneer 110D, but the casing says 110DSV. I also purchased a genuie 110D (casing stamp confirms it).

Now, 110DSV gets recognised as 110D in my device manager. When I use NERO (6 platinum) to burn disks I've noticed that underrun buffer (the lower and smaller one in the window) is most of the time ~ 95% and, from time to time drops to 10% (sometimes 0%) while a file buffer (upper and bigger one) stays 100%. With real 110D there are no buffer jumps. Disks turn OK but I still think that it's not at it's peak performance.

When I tried to look it up on the net I've learned that there is virtually no customer support provided by Pioneer for any DVD-RW drives.

I've heard myths of flashing DVD drive's BIOS but never found any related software, nor bios to flash.

If anyone has some info on where to find Pioneer's drivers (tried Pioneer page, driverguide.com... no luck) please post.

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Update on the situation:

Found Pioneer support page and bios update.
Did it. (firmware 1.17 - 1.41)
No major change.
Just burned one DVD max speed (8x - Disc limit)
Led light once went off for couple of seconds. (happened before)
Verification succsessful, though.

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