has anyone had difficulties getting chromecast to work on their network? specifically, getting to the final set-up, after the device has successfully located your network and your router settings show the chromecast device in your lan/dhcp settings? have verified that all my settings on my dlink 657 router are correct. have never had an issue w/ pnp on this router.

have worked w/ google both over the phone and via email. they are stumped also. i have tried setting it up on different tv s, and using a pc, an android tablet and android phone. i'm returning it to amazon (as opposed to exchanging and maybe having the same issues).

any other ideas?

This is a little after-the-fact considering that you posted this 11 months ago but I just picked up a ChromeCast a couple of days ago and I've been quite happy with it. I used to have to cable my laptop to the tv but now I can just run everything from the couch. Setup was easy. Most of my videos are avi, flv and mp4 format. Only mp4 works directly through Chrome but I can use ffmpeg as follows

ffmpeg -i input.flv -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.mp4

All that it does is repackage the flv as an mp4. The file size is almost identical (no loss of quality) and the operation takes under 10 seconds.

I have found that casting youtube videos is hit or miss. There is a ChromeCast control added to the toolbar at the bottom of the video. Sometimes it works, sometimies not, but because I bought it to stream my own media rather than youtube I have no problem with that. My maini video player is vlc and they are working on builiding in ChromeCast features so I should (at some point) be able to cast directly from vlc.

The divx Chrome plugin is supposed to work for avi but all I get is a grey screen on my tv.

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