Hi guys i need your help :sad:

Recently my XFX Geforce 6800GT has started to buildup extremely high core GPU temperatures, reaching up to a staggering 99 degrees celsius even when just in windows.

I put an outside fan on it big enough to cool down the room temperature some degrees and got it to lower to 71 degrees as lowest.

Of course even when cooled like that whenever i play a game it steadily climbs to far over 90 degrees even with the fan blowing.

My comp has been crashing a lot lately and im 99% sure this is the problem.

But my question is: Can i be sure it is a hardware problem or is it possible some malware changed some settings to make this happen?

Probably a silly question but i'd like to make 100% sure this is the cause of my problems and that this card actually is busted before i buy a new one :confused:

Thanks in advance,

Take your setup out of the case, and set it on something nonconductive. hook up the powersupply, etc, and see what you get.

By removing it from the case, you ensure that there's no airflow obstructions. If it's still heating up, clear out the dust from the card's fins, and consider a 3rd party cooling solution. Either that, or purchase a new video card.