So my computer has been saying werfault.exe application error anytime i start a program. So i started a clean install and tried to reinstall my OS but it came up with another error and now i have a computer with no OS or anything. Is my HDD or SSD broken? i have both an HDD and a SSD i was planning on installing the OS onto the SSD. PLEASE can someone tell me what's wrong with my computer?

My PC:AMD FX-6300 6-core Vishera
Msi 990FXA-GD80
GTX 660 ti
850W PSU
Adata 32gb ssd
WD 750gb 7200rpm HDD
Patriot 8gb ram (2x4gb)

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Make sure that in your BIOS, your SSD drive has a higher boot order than your HDD. Your removable media should have a higher boot order, such as 1.

restart the computer with your OS media in your DVD drive. start the installation of the OS. When the time comes, the install process will ask you where you want the OS to be installed. If the sSD drive is not listed, click the option to install drivers for your SSD storage. Once you get past that, continue with the installation.

so i tried what you said jorge and now whenever i insert the OS it comes up with a werfault.exe or it just goes to a black screen and doesn't do anything.

So werfault is windows error reporting. That doesnt sound like you have perfromed a clean install of windows on the SSD drive. what other information do you have regarding the steps you took to install the OS from scratch?

well to be honest at first i had installed windows 8 then it started coming up with werfault so i did a clean install and it seemed to work then after a bit it started coming up with it again so i looked around and no solutions worked so then i tried installing windows 7 through a flash drive and then it came up with the error when installing. So if i try not installing the os and just booting up with windows 8 it comes up with multiple different 0x... errors. Any suggesstions? Do i need to format my ssd and hdd?

So it doesnt sound like you have data to protect since you have been attemping a clean install.

For the sake of saving you time, rather than trying to fix your multiple OS issues (which probably occurred because you did not perform a clean install), I would boot from the DVD/USB drive and perform a clean install which will allow you to delete existing partitions and format the drive during the install wizard. Since you have at least a partial OS installed, it is critical that you make sure your BIOS is set to boot from DVD/USB before it checks the Hard drive for a bootable OS, otherwise you wont be able to initiate the setup from your media.

yah i see what you mean. So i should delete both partitions and format both drives or just the one im installing the OS on?

If you don't care about existing data, I'd format both drives, install the OS on the SSD drive.

Back to the BIoS, make sure the SSD drive has a higher boot priority/order.

You can use the non SSD drive for your documents/data.

Ok thanks i appreciate the help. I will try that tomorrow because it's getting a little late where i am.

So i tried what you said and it still comes up with a blue screen and a different error every time. Do i need to delete the partitions and format?

Yes during the clean install process, you need to delete the partitions, recreate them, format.

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