Have a Dell Precision 670 that when turned on, cycles through WindowsXP screen, to the Dell screen, to No Signal screen, to the "We apologize..." black screen which has 25 second timer. It keeps cycling through these four screens. I have checked the processors and reseated the RAM and the PCI Card. I have tried the Safe Mode, the Safe Mode with Command Prompt, but nothing happens. Just keeps cycling through those screens. The power lights are 4 green, not blinking. H-E-L-P!

Well, I was going to suggest that you try to boot into Windows safe mode, but you say you tried that already. Have you tried to boot from an installation/recovery CD/DVD/USB drive? If you don't have one, try an Linux Live CD/DVD/USB drive (you will have to create one on another system I think). If this still occurs and you cannot boot from external media like that, then it has to be a hardware problem and you need to send it in to Dell for repair.

Sorry, but the ACTUAL post was deleted by error. With my Dell Precision 670, when I turn it on, the monitor cycles through the same four screens. The first screen is WindowsXP(the blue screen shows for a split second)then the Dell screen, then No Signal screen and finally the black screen which reads "We apologize for the inconvenience......" which runs for 25 seconds before cycling through these screens again. I have tried reseating the PCI card, moving the RAM sticks out or around, tried safe mode, I have checked and rechecked all cables and connections. Any other ideas?

Not sure where to go from here

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