Hello all, I am not much of a mac guy but trying to help out a friend. She lives out in the country and dialup is the only internet access and has been using it for years on her imac. Now she has an ibook and wants both to be able to connect at once so she bought a base with modem.

I configured ethernet on imac and plugged into LAN port, I configured wireless on ibook and ran the base config utility (VERY SLICK) and setup the dialup parameters in the base. It was very apple-magical, I can see why people are impressed. After it got hooked up everything ran updated and downloaded patches or something, I tested everything again and it worked PERFECTLY.

The next morning the base would not dial out, reset base and it worked. Everyday since has been the same drill, reboot base and both systems work fine, it always hangs up after 10 idle minutes, dials when it needs to check emails, etc. But the next morning it is down again.

Is there a little magic left to find? Anyone point me to what I am doing wrong?

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OK I think it is safe to assume that there is something wrong with the base, I am going to have her call apple and go that route. If it ends up being something in the configuration I will post the resolution back here.

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