I have a neat problem, my mic doesnt work. Well it does, but really it doesnt. I can hear myself threw the playback(if i talk in the mic ofcourse). If i run the test hardware wizard i can see the barometer moving. both of them.

But people i wanna chat with cant hear me. I have tried this on diffrent programs. Tried to do the recording test, nothing on it. I have gone threw a bunch of troubleshoots, and i pass it all. I have looked over all the settings, basic ones the one i know about.

Select mic on recording, turn the volume up. try the boost. disabled acceleration. Downloaded 2 diffrent 20mb sized driver pack from realteak. Didnt work(yes i have realteak HD audio on mobo).

I have tried with both rear and front jack. Yes I have tried another headset.

Do I wanna commit suicide ? very much so.

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Make sure your microphone volume isnt OFF (All the way down) under "RECORDING" properties :)

-This may be the problem.
Click audio controls on the taskbar, go to advanced under Master Volume. Make sure that center speaker and subwoofer isn't connected to microphone. Just uncheck both, unless that option is required.. worked for me.