I have a MB Asus P5B-VM, with 4 memory slots (dual channels). I already have a 2GB DDR2-800 RAM installed, and recently got 2 more RAMs, one a 2GB DDR2-800 same as my old one, and a 1GB DDR2-800. Can I install these 2 along side my old RAM?
The 4 slots are colored, with in A1 and A2 having yellow and black, and B1 and B2 having again yellow and black colored slots.
I would like to get confirmation before installing anything on it, just in case I might damage the whole thing with incorrect installs.

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First, install the the 2GB DDR2-800 in the A2 slot (assuming the current one is in the A1 slot). See if that works. If so, then, install the 1GB SIMM in the B1 slot. If it doesn't work, install the 2GB SIMM in the B1 slot and try again... :-)

thanks for the info, in the end I did put the 2nd 2GB in my B1 slot for it to work, with my initial 2GB in the A1 slot. As for the 1GB I've had to leave it out completely, since putting it in the A2 or B2 slots resulted in not going past the POST test.Think will need another 1 GB RAM to be able to use the one I already have.

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