Trying to find a way to get rid of the "HDD password" problem on a gateway nv53, I took the CMOS battery.

After putting it back, I rebooted the machine. The HDD problem remained but I put in a blank HDD and a linux CD and now the pointer won't move with the trackpad. I connected a USB mouse and it works.

I checked if by accident I had removed the connectin between the pad and the MOBO but it's intact. If anything, after realizing this issue I opened it again and tried to push the ribon cable more inside (though it was already as far in as it can).

May it be just a driver issue? Any other ideas?


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Try doing a System Restore back to a day when the touchpad was working.and also try to replace tha battery

Go to the Gateway web site and get / reinstall the touchpad drivers.

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